Bonafide Studios

Bonafide commenced in 2008, a versatile platform catering to a versatile genre. The Recording studio has all the necessary equipment and resources to comply with any sound and music related requirements. We have a vast list of expertise and we are a one stop shop to reach the next level of your journey. We have made a name for our self through our unique and dynamic approach in music production and post-production. Every day is a learning process and our past and present both have shaped up our skills and broadened our horizons, you can count on our recording studio for Sound Designing, Audio Editing, Mixing, Voiceover Recordings and Original compositions.

The Man behind Bonafide

There is a downright difference between raw talent and acquired skills. Raw talent is innate and you proliferate with time; whereas you acquire a particular skill set by going through a rigorous learning process; gaining all the textbook knowledge and progressing with practice and further learning. Another example can be of language, we pick up our mother tongue as children, our young minds are wired to do so, and these are inborn capabilities. Same is the story of me and my Music; my introduction, progress, achievements and where I stand.

Our Latest Works