Music Production

As producers it’s our role to guide you in the right direction. The process in a summary is that we understand your motive, audience, needed reach and your overall expectation from your song and sound. Once we are on the same wave length we start the production process; we then make your expectation in to a reality. We oversee the recording process, make alterations where required, and assure that each track is produced in the most proficient way. We specialize in producing all genres, from classical to modern Hip hop. So whether you need to produce a Gazhal, Qawali or any song, Bonafide would provide you with the right tempo.


Being a versatile recording studio gives us leverage in helping our clients in all their production needs. Composing the right melody is as an art and we are its artist. We start with brain storming and jot down all the melodies and musical ideas which seem fitting for the project and gratify the lyrics. Then we start getting the arrangements in order, such as needed instruments, intros, verses, and chorus. The vocals are aligned with the music and once all this is done we carry out some mixing and mastering.

Mixing and Mastering

So you have the right track or the right album but still feel it lacks the x-factor? Do bits and parts seem out of sync? Let’s get your tracks up to the mark so your creation can flourish towards its full potential.  We would mix where required and then master your tracks to bring forward an authentic final piece. We assure you that you are knocking on the right door.

Audio Recording

We are equipped with topnotch equipment to record audio for any setting. Looking for the crisp and rich audio record and instrumentals? Bonafide can provide you with what you need. Our experience has augmented our skills and expertise in this field and you won’t be dismayed. We have a list of many satisfied and renowned customers, so let us be your medium to fame.

Sound Designing

Do you want to change your listeners or viewers mood or want to generate raw emotion? We can design the right sound to inflict the mood required by the atmosphere. We are experts in designing the right kind of sound which ignites the emotional appeal you desire. We would record and manipulate the sound to match your requirements. Bonafide can design sound for films, television productions, TVCs, live performances, sound recordings, post-production and, for video games. So contact us and let’s get things sorted out.


You need a catchy jingle for an upcoming advertisement or a public service message? We can provide you with the hook which may make a difference. You audience would be humming the melodies which we make and if the jingle needs a lyricist, we can arrange the best in the market. The overall piece would be exactly what your target audience requires.

Lyrics & Script Writing

A song or an advert tells a story, passes a message, intrigues people, and captivates them. Do you have a nice voice but not the right words? Do you have a passion and a message you want to put forward, but can’t seem to find the right rhymes? Do you want to captivate your audience and appeal their emotions? Well look no further we would provide you with the lyrics you need. Our lyricist will understand your approach and come up with a song fit for you. So help us help you and get you to the next level.

Voice Over Artists

We can provide voice overs for you, in the form of third person narrations or complete dubbing. We can sync voices, music, and scenes to perfection and the finished project is crisp and has its originality intact. We can also provide you with the right kind of voice for your project, we hire the best people in the industry, we have a versatile genre of available voices, kids, adults, men, women, senior citizen, soft voices, bold voices, etc. drop a query and we will make sure you get the right person for the task.


In our line of work, originality is the key to stand out and stand tall. The music industry has become so diverse with so many new players that coming out with something different and completely unrelatable is a hard task.  Well, we assure you and you can also be reassured by our past works that are compositions are straight out of the box. We provide original music for various mediums and we have also produced many original soundtracks.


Globalization has put forth a new medium which is very fruitful. Via Social media and the entire web people have now gotten connected on a deeper level. News, gossip, buzz and hype can be created and passed around much more easily. The key is to use this medium in the right manner to get maximum conversions. A web based advert can do the trick, you see those short ads on Facebook and YouTube, and those are targeted and help generate a lot of potential customers. We can help you in creating the right kind of advertisement. Our recording studio is well equipped with all needed requirement and our production can give you the hook and charisma to go viral. We can design sound, jingles, lyrics etc.

Location & Sound

Our recording studio is equipped with all the latest topnotch equipment that you need. Still there are scenarios where recordings need to be done on a different location and not in the confinement of a recording studio, well not an issue. We are well equipped to also carry out outdoor recordings in the most proficient manner. The final peace would be clear and rich. Give us a call and our team can handle from there.

Radio Ads

Radio ads help in reaching a wide audience. Doesn’t it get annoying when you are trying to listen to songs and when an advertisement comes up? Well you would do the fair thing and change the channel, right? We at Bonafide specialize in being creative and doing something different, the sound for the radio ads we produce would be so catchy that people would stick to the channel. Give us a call and check out our samples.

Event Encore Music

Got an event coming up and need the right sound to commence? We can provide you with the music your event requires. You attendees would be intrigued and the show would start in the way you intended it to start. We have vast experience in making encore melodies and we have worked with many big players in the market. Why not start your event with a bang and end with a boom.

Film and Documentary Backgrounds

Documentaries play a huge part in making a difference for the better. The aim is to advocate a message to people and enlighten them about a particular scenario. Sound plays a very important part in paving way to get the objectives of the documentary across. An example would be the creaking sound of a door to show a mysterious or horror scene or a sad tone to get the audience to feel sorry or sad. Our equipment backed up with talented engineers, sound producers and voice over artists can put gravity in your documentary and film backgrounds. We can give you piece the boost it requires.