Bonafide Studios

Bonafide commenced in 2008, it's a versatile platform catering to a versatile genre. The recording studio has all the necessary equipment and resources to comply with any sound and music related requirements. We have a vast list of expertise and we are a one stop shop to reach the next level of your journey. We have made a name for our self through our unique and dynamic approach in music production and post-production. Every day is a learning process and our past and present both have shaped up our skills and broadened our horizons, you can count on our recording studio for Sound Designing, Audio Editing, Mixing, Voiceover Recordings and Original compositions. Through word of mouth by our satisfied clients and our on air productions we have surpassed in to international boundaries and now our clients include people from Pakistan and abroad. Some of our Services include: Music Production, Audio Recording, Sound Designing for:
Whether you seek a recording studio for a straight forward sound recording or you have a complex sound engineering task or you in an urgent need to air a commercial; look no further our team has all the capabilities to provide you the best of the best in the most efficient and timely manner. So hire us now and join the list of our many satisfied clients.

The Man behind Bonafide

There is a downright difference between raw talent and acquired skills. Raw talent is innate and you proliferate with time; whereas you acquire a particular skill set by going through a rigorous learning process; gaining all the textbook knowledge and progressing with practice and further learning. Another example can be of language, we pick up our mother tongue as children, our young minds are wired to do so, and these are inborn capabilities. Same is the story of me and my Music; my introduction, progress, achievements and where I stand.  I feel that I have a genetic connection to the keyboard; i recall how the device and its operation came to me naturally without any training; as I said it seems like an innate capability. My father also was well versed with playing the harmonium and singing Gazhlas, so that implies my genetic connection. I was intrigued by sound, rhythm and music it was another language which I could relate to. Do, Re, Mi, Fa were like A, B, C, D to me; and I could distinguish between rhythm and notes and where what was placed. At a very young age I could replicate Music, and started getting my talents recognized among family and peers. I used to take part in competitions, celebrations and family events. Gradually i started gaining recognition from the right people who pushed me towards the right direction.  It’s been a long journey, with many hiccups, but all experiences got me to become better at my craft. I believe that everything good or bad happens for a reason; and end of the day the resultant is always good, the key is to always stay calm and maintain your composure and everything would take its course.  I have worked with the top players of the industry, I have brought forward new players to the industry, I have worked on major projects around the globe and I have been featured in one of the top platforms in our Musical Sphere; Coke Studio. I appeared as a house band member in Season 5 of Coke Studio and was appointed as a guest musician in Season 7. Among my many achievements, I would like to highlight a few: I played a major part in the Pakistani Movie: “Moor” I had the privilege of performing at American Consulate Concert alongside Top Pakistani artists which included but not limited to Amir Zaki. There were also some international bands performing at the venue. I performed alongside AAron Haroon Rashid at “South by SoutSouthwest"; the festival took place in Austin, Texas. I toured India with Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad the tour was called “India Maisuri Tour” I was honored to play the keyboard for Atif Aslam. I gained a lot of foreign exposure while travelling with Atif and his band around the globe. My talent has progressed significantly. It feels excellent that the people who I used to idolize are now my work acquaintances. I used to work from home and tried to make a name via small gigs. I started launching new artists and made a name for them and myself. Almost a decade ago I launched Bonafide Studio, and ever since I have made major contributions to the industry and my achievements, my skill level and expertise have enhanced, my recording studio has gained exposure and is now recognized by many top players.